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YAFEH INTERNATIONAL was established in 2007. We are exporting used clothing, bags and shoes to many countries in Africa and Asia.

Our products include:

1. Used clothing (Summer & Winter)

2. Used bags

3. Used shoes

4. Recycled cotton wiping rags


Our company aims to provide the best quality goods with competitive prices to our customers. We are committed to delivering our shipment on time and providing innovative solution for your shipping needs. We are highly focused on quality and will do our best to meet your demands.

We look forward to setting up our business relationship in a long term together.

Thank You and My Best Regards,


Jack Hwang

General Manager


10. Workers and workbenches.

9. Workers and workbenches.

8. Workers and workbenches.

7. Workers and workbenches.

6. Assortment

5. Used clothing raw materials.

4. Used clothing raw materials.

3. Used clothing raw materials.

2. Workers are loading the container.

1. Bales are ready for shipment.

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